We are providers of Sodium bentonite with a very high performance in several ways:

- NATURAL Bentonite 200 mesh

- NATURAL Bentonite 325 mesh

- GEL Bentonite 200 mesh

- GEL Bentonite 325 mesh

Uses of sodium bentonite:

In civil engineering and foundations, to support land as drilling mud.
In construction, as a sealing material.
In drilling wells to extract water, oil or natural gas, used in the preparation of drilling muds.
In the preparation of lubricating greases.
In the preparation of flavoring.
In the wine industry as a protein clarifier
In the oil industry linked with water to make drilling muds
In the transcription in vitro from DLPs Rotavirus.
Animal feed for removing toxins from food
In humans they are attributed desintoxicantes physically and non-chemical effects.
In metallurgy sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite as a binder for quartz sand casting for making molds.
Arenas or sanitary bed pebbles for cats (pets).
As an additive for thixotropic or waterproof paints.